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Sight & Sound Shows

SIGHT & SOUND SHOWS ON SIKH HISTORY (a unique fusion of Drama, Film and Light & Sound)

The film part was added to Light & Sound show, thus calling it Sight & Sound, to make it portable for national & international tours.

BOLE SO NIHAL” Internationally famous Sight & Sound show

 A multimedia theatrical panorama (i.e. fusion of film, drama and light & sound) of Sikh History.

 First of its kind, which has been staged at USA, Canada, UK, Bangkok and all over India, about 200 shows.

SHER-E-PUNJAB“, another internationally famous show

A SIGHT & SOUND panorama (i.e. fusion of film, drama and light & sound) of Life and times of Maharaja Ranjit Singh & 40 glorious years Khalsa Raj. 

Staged inside Indian Parliament, New Delhi on the installation of Maharaja Ranjit’s statue by then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpaee.

Has been staged at USA, Canada, UK and India, about 60 shows.

GURU MANEO GRANTH“, another internationally famous show

A SIGHT & SOUND panorama on the History and teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

Officially staged for two days at Ram Bagh, Amritsar on the occasion of 400th year celebrations of the installation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

Staged about 50 shows at USA, Canada, U.K. and India,

MITI DHUNDH JAG CHANAN HOA, another internationally travelled show

A SIGHT & SOUND panorama based on the travels and teachings of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji. Depicting 13 selected Sakhis from Guru ji’s first Udasi.

Staged about 25 shows at USA & Canada in 2009


”SIRHAND DI KAND” relives history through 25 carefully selected important historical events of year 1704, how Guru Sahib left Anandgarh fort, separation of family at Sarsa Nadi, Battle of Chamkaur Sahib, Gangu taking younger Sahibzadas to his village Saherhi, greedy Gangu sold old Mata Gurjri ji and Guru’s younger Sahibzadas to Jani Khan, the Faujdar of Morinda, imprisonment in the cold Burji, Wazir Khan unable to convert Sahibzadas to Islam, the brave Sahibzadas elder 9 years and younger 7 years bravely sacrificed their lives disdaining the lures of Wazir Khan. When Guru ji heard about this unhuman incident, he wrote a letter (Zaffarnama) to Mugal Badshah Auragzeb telling him what type of Muslim he was, who did not even speared innocent children. Aurangzeb’s daughter, Zeenat even condemn her father for this anti-islamic deed.

After destroying the towns of Samana and Sadhaura Banda Singh Bahadur fought furious battle with Wazir Khan at Chappar Chirri, where Wazir Khan was caught and dragged till Sirhind behind the horses. Thus Banda Singh Bahadur not only avenged the Shahidi of Guru’s family, but also laid the foundation of Khalsa Raj..


RABAB TON NAGARAY TAK will be a one and a half hour of spectacular presentation of Sikh history written by the famous Punjabi playwright Late Dr. Harcharan Singh, which recounts and enacts historically significant events from lives of our ten Sikh Gurus starting in the year 1469 from the birth of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji then going over the brief history of all Gurus and finishing in year 1708 when Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji bestowed Gurta Gaddi to Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

Besides these mesmerizing scenes the film consists of five shabads sung by famous Ragis & playback singers like, Bhai Harjinder Singh-Sri Nagar wale, Bhai Balwinder Singh Rangeela, Bhai Gulab Singh-Dilbag Singh, Mohinder Kapoor & Bhupinder Singh and. Vars & religious songs are sung by Kuldip Manek, Surinder Shinda, Hans Raj Hans, and Satnam Mulanpuri. Lyrics written by Dalbir Qureshi & Surjit Pattar.


To commemorate 350th Birth Anniversary of Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji, Punjab Art Theatre’s SARBANSDANI, a Mega theatrical presentation.

SARBANSDANI is the first of its kind live multi-media extravaganza depicting how the tenth Guru Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji created Khalsa by infusing spirit & courage into a struggling race, and changed the course of Indian history. His unparalleled vision and supreme sacrifice for the nation leaves significant impact on the minds of audience where ever it has been staged.

SARBANSDANI relives history through 25 carefully selected important incidents from the life of the tenth Guru, starting from the birth at Patna in 1666 to the passing of Gurta-gaddi to Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji in 1708 at Nanded. 35 experienced theatre artists (25 indoor show) enact 130 characters in this biographical presentation of Guru Gobind Singh ji.


JANG-E-SARAGARHI – Sight & Sound show, produced in Punjabi as well as in Hindi language, is a unique fusion of Drama, Film, Lights & Sound depicting the unparalleled valour of Sikh soldiers of 36th SIKH Regiment.

In this immortal story of courage, loyalty and oath, 21 Bravehearts against 8000 odd Pathans, with only one thing in mind TILL THE LAST MAN AND THE LAST BULLET

JANG-E-SARAGARHI – Sight & Sound relives the unbelivable truth of the Last Stand by recreating the similar situtation when 21 Sikh soldiers stalled the tribal attack for more than 6 hours without any reinforcement and with limited ammunition


“SATGUR NANAK PARGATEYA” sight & sound panorama is based on the travels (Udasis) of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji. Carefully selected 19 famous Janam Sakhis from Guru ji’s life & Udasis have been dramatised in one hour of spellbound performance portraying the universal preaching of Guruji which relevant even today. 

The art of depicting the Janam Sakhi without showing Guruji, but making the audience feel his presence was mastered while making of TV serial for Doordarshan entitled “EKAS KE HUM BARIK” on the same subject in 1990.

Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji is revered equally by the Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims and Sindis. It is rightly said of the Guru: “Nanak Shah Faqir, Hindu Ka Guru, Musalman Ka Pir”.