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Director : Harbux Singh Latta – Harshvir Singh Latta

Writer : Dr. G S Anand, Harbux Singh Latta, Dr Satish Verma & Harshvir Latta

Music : Jaskirat Singh

Performance : Inauguration of Patiala Heritage Festival, 22 Feburary 2020 at Qilla Mubaraq, Patiala


In the 18th Century, the increasing torments against Sikhs was put to a halt by the initiations and grouping of Sikh groups into Misls. From Barnala to Sirhand, the whole area came under control under the powerful rule of Phulkian Misl. The head of Phulkian Misl, Baba Ala Singh in 1763 laid the foundations of Qila Mubarak. Around the fort people started to settle and markets started to establish With every growing day this small strip of land turned into the Royal City we know today PATIALA.

This multi-media presentation documents how the city of Patiala evolved in more than 250 years under each King of the state of Patiala.