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JANG-E-SARAGARHI, a Sight & Sound extravaganza has astounded audiences and shone light on the forgotten Battle of Saragarhi

Director & Producer : Harbux Singh Latta

Writer : Keshav Bhrata & Harbux Singh Latta

Music : Bittu

Shabads & Religious songs : Surinder Shinda, Jagtar Jagga, Baljinder Singh, Ginda Aujla, Sukhi Singh & Anujot Kaur

Prestigious Performances : Patiala Heritage Festival, War Memorial Amritsar, Ferozpur Cantt., Ambala Cantt., IMA Dehradun


 Based on Capt. Amarinder Singh’s much acclaimed book “Saragarhi and the Defense of Samana Forts”, JANG-E-SARAGARHI, a Sight & Sound Panorama has been produced & Directed by Shiromani Nirmata awardee Harbux Singh Latta, who pioneered the technique of Sight & Sound shows.

The selfless sacrifice of a soldier for his country does not have any comparison, it deserves the utmost respect. The bravery these 21 soldiers of the 36th Sikh Regiment showed in the Battle of Saragarhi had to be documented and kept alive for future generations. We enjoy Hollywood films like ‘300’ where 300 Spartans fought Xerxes and his massive Persian army, then why not make people feel proud that their own people have also achieved such miraculous feats.

The battle of Saragarhi took place during the uprise of Pashtuns against British, on 12th September 1897 in Tirah region of North-West Frontier Province now in Pakistan. Saragarhi was a strategic signal post that connected forts of Lockhart and Gulistan on the border areas of Afghanistan, which was the border of Sikh Empire before the annexation of Punjab by British Empire.