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Jang-e-Sargarhi captivates audiences in Palampur Hills

The most recent performance of Mega Sight & Sound Show Jang-e-Saragarhi received huge appreciation from soldiers of Holta Cantt. Palampur, Himachal Pradesh.

The shows took place for two consecutive days on 22nd & 23rd June of 2019. The first show was attended by soldiers from Holta Cantt. as well as nearby cantonments. The second show was a dinner-show for officers.

It was a proud moment for Punjab Art Theatre as both soldiers & officers equally appreciated and enjoyed the show.

Alot of people called it “better than the film” referring to the recently Akshay Kumar released film “Kesari” based on the same Battle of Saragarhi.

The actor who played the role of Daad, Mr. Tej Bhan Gandhi was especially honored by the organizers.

JANG-E-SARAGARHI, a Sight & Sound extravaganza shone light on the forgotten Battle of Saragarhi, considered to be one of the greatest last stands in history, where only 21 soldiers & 1 cook under the command of Havaldar Ishar Singh of the 36 Sikh Regiment crammed in a small signal post fought over 10,000 tribal Pashtuns and killed more than 600 of them before perishing to enemy bullets.

Read more about the production at the link below:


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