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Miti Dhundh Jag Chanan Hoa

 Director : Harbux Singh Latta

 Writer : Dr. Harcharan Singh

 Music : H.M. Singh

MITI DHUNDH JAG CHANAN HOA” is based on the travels (first Udasi) of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji. The motive behind this show is to convey to the viewers timely and pertinent message of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji who traveled in the 16th century throughout the length and breadth of the country and abroad spreading the gospel of love, peace and brotherhood. Guru ji considered India at that time as one unit when the entire country was divided into hundreds of petty states. Sakhis from his first travel towards East like Malik Bhago-Bhai Lallo, Sajjan Thug, Haridwar, Nanakmata, Benaras, Bhumia Chor, Noor Shah and Jagannath Puri are enacted

gs) from him or his uttaradhikaris (followers). Guru Nanak Dev ji visited Banaras to get Bani of Bhagat Kabir ji and Bhagat Ravidas ji. He went to Bengal to get Bani of Bhagat Jaidev ji from his followers. He also visited Jagan Nath Puri Temple where he wrote the Universal Aarti “Gagan Main Thaal”. Guruji also went to Pakpattan and met Sheikh Ibrahim, who was at that time heading on the seat of Baba Sheikh Farid ji. From him Guruji got all the writings of Baba Farid ji. During his second Udasi Guruji went towards South, going through Rajasthan, where he collected the Bani of Bhagat Dhana ji, popularly known by his Aarta “Gopal Tera Aarta” and also got the Bani of King turned saint, Bhagat Peepa ji. From there Guruji visited Maharashtra, as he wanted to see the Nag Nath Temple from where Bhagat Namdev ji was thrown out. His famous shabad about this incident is included in the Guru Granth Sahib “Hasat Khelat Tere Dewaray Aaya”(page 1164).

We are confident that this multi-media spectacle will be appreciated by the masses on the whole particularly by the Punjabis living in India and abroad, as Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji is revered equally by the Hindus, Muslims, Sindis and the Sikhs. It is rightly said of the Guru:

Nanak Shah Faqir,

Hindu Ka Guru, Musalman Ka Pir.

The basic script of this show has been written by the foremost playwright of Punjabi literature, particularly Sikh History, late Dr. Harcharan Singh, who expired recently. Her daughter-in-law Paramjit Latta has carried on the legacy of doctor sahib’s, who’s with his able command on religion, history and language has dramatised the sakhis in such a way that even without showing the Guru one feels his presence all the time.