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Babal Da Vehra

First Punjabi Digital Feature Film based on Dr. Dalip Kaur Tiwana’s famous novel “Rin Pitran Da”

Director: Harbux Singh Latta

Screenplay: Pammi Latta and Hargurjit Singh

Dialogue: Pammi Latta

 Cast: Giordan Rana, Arpita Sanghera, Yograj, Avtar Gill, Jaswant Daman, Sarbjit Mangat, Jaswinder Bhalla, Sandeep Malhi, Rozy, Laljit Gill, Harshvir Latta


Karminder, the only son of the big landlord of Patiala Sardar Sampuran Singh Sidhu, is married and has a daughter. During Punjab problem he witnesses a fake encounter and has to leave the country in hurry leaving behind his family. To get a legal status in America he marries a white America girl, Cathy against her parents’ consent and has a son from her. Neither did the American family knew that he was already married in India nor did his family in India had any knowledge of his marriage in America. Life went on, he would spend few weeks in India each year and rest of the time with his family in America. After about 20 years Karminder comes to India and doesn’t return back. 
In the mean time Cathy’s health, who was suffering from cancer, deteriorates even further and she dies telling her son to go and find his father in India.

Vikram with a reference from Shamsher (Sam), his father’s friend reaches India and then the house of Mr. Avtar Gill, a lawyer at Patiala. Here he meets Preeti, daughter of the lawyer; love at first sight takes place. He is shocked when advocate Gill, after looking at Vikram’s father’s old Indian passport, tells him that his father had died in a road accident while going to Delhi Airport. Vikram wants to meet his grand parents of whom his father had told him lots of stories. 

At Sampuran Singh Sidhu’s haveli, preparations are going on for the Chunni ceremony of his grand daughter Simmi. Vikram is astonished when sees the palatial house of his grandfather. Sampuran Singh (Dada) and his wife (Dadi) are shocked when Vikram tells them that he is their grandson. Vikram is equally shocked when he comes to know that his father was already married in India. Dada and Dadi bring Vikram home without disclosing his identity to their daughter–in-law Veeran and grand daughter Simmi. Preeti and Simmi are known to each other.

With the marriage ceremonies in full swing in the house, Veeran comes to know about Vikram’s identity when one day Vikram plays the same tune on his father’s guitar, which Karminder used to play for Veeran. Simmi is equally shocked when she is told by Preeti that his father was married in America and Vikran is her half brother. In an emotional scene Veeran tells Simmi that Karminder had written to her about it in a letter. Simmi wants to know why her mother did not confront. Veeran says that, she was a helpless India wife, who had a year old daughter and did not want to hurt her parents. On the contrary her father-in-law and mother-in-law loved her more than they could have loved their own daughter.

Nanaka Chhak (a Punjabi ritual where brides’ maternal family come to marriage with gifts) had just reached, when Simmi’s Mamaji’s, who is a police DIG, son Junior starts choking from a laddoo. Everyone is helpless, suddenly Vikram, who had taken first aid course in America, saves him. Day after day Vikram wins the heart of everyone in the family, but Veeran adamantly refuses to keep the son of her ‘Sounkan’ at home. She fears that if Simmi’s in laws come to know about him, they will break the engagement. On the other hand Dada and Dadi are more than happy to have got a grandson in other words Waris of the family. They don’t want to loose Vikram, but also they don’t want to antagonize their daughter in law, who had looked after them like their own daughter after Karminder left.

High powered drama goes on with Dada, Dadi, Simmi, Nani and others determined to keep back Vikram, but on the other hand Veeran is unmoved and doesn’t even wants to look at him. Four days left to marriage, ceremonies of Vatna, Mehendi, Ladies Sangeet, Churra take place one after another.

In the end when Veeran asks Vikram to leave, Simmi revolts and informs her would be husband, when they are about to depart with Barat, about her father’s second marriage and a son from it.

The film is based on the novel “Rin Pitran Da” written by Dr. Dalip Kaur Tiwana

Screen Grabs from the movie